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Over 40,000 Items Donated By Ocean State Job Lot!

A giant THANK YOU to Ocean State Job Lot for donating 37,350 bars of soap and over 4,800 health and beauty items for people in need!

15,600 Bars of Soap Donated by Ocean State Job Lot!

Many thanks to the Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation for donating and delivering over 15,000 bars of soap!

15,000 Bars of Soap Donated by Ocean State Job Lot!

Our very generous friends at Ocean State Job Lot stopped by this morning to donate more than 15,000 bars of soap to help people in need throughout the area!

Ocean State Job Lot Donates Thousands of Hygiene Items – Again!

For the third time in recent months, Ocean State Job Lot and their Charitable Foundation visited Hope and Comfort to generously donate thousands of personal care items!

Stocking the Shelves with Toothpaste and Soap

Nearly 2,000 tubes of toothpaste and 2,000 bars of soap are being picked up this week by our food pantry partners for the March distribution of Stock the Shelves. As always, we are able to distribute soap each month thanks to the thousands of bars of soap donated by Ocean State Job Lot!